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Stoney Point Fire Department Turns 50
This year, the Stoney Point Fire Department celebrates a significant milestone. On July 24, the Department will realize 50 years of dedicated service to the fire district, Cumberland County and the Great State of North Carolina. Stoney Point has come a long way from the original group of men who banded together to protect their fellow citizens from the ravages of fire.

Over the years, Stoney Point has evolved from one fire engine kept in a small fire house to a modern, well equipped, fire department that now includes two stations. Our newest, state of the art station resides in Lake Upchurch and services this area of our district. The entire fire district includes 18 square miles and encompasses the Stoney Point and Lake Upchurch areas of Cumberland County.

From the days of simple helmets and rain coats, Stoney Point has become one of the most modern fire departments in North Carolina. Equipped with six fire engines, two brush trucks, two rescue trucks, two rescue boats and an EMS squad, the department provides full-spectrum fire, EMS and rescue services to its constituents. In addition, Stoney Point is the only
volunteer fire department in North Carolina and one of two in the United States accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) and the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE). Chief Freddy L. Johnson Sr. is our fire chief and was selected the 2013 National Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year by Fire Chief Magazine, Pierce MFG and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC).

In addition to accreditation, Stoney Point is an Insurance Service Office (ISO) level 3 fire department. What does this mean? It means you have an extremely capable fire department that has met or exceeded strenuous requirements, and one that is the only volunteer fire department in North Carolina to achieve this rating utilizing a Method 3 Tanker Shuttle. How did we accomplish this? The answer is simple: through our members' dedication and skills.

Stoney Point currently has over 100 active members including 23 support staff, 18 full- and part-time paid personnel and 70 volunteer firefighters. Training is a mandatory requirement for all our firefighters. ISO mandates 240 hours of training per firefighter per year. This demanding requirement is met by over 60% of our members with the remaining 40% exceeding 200 hours. Included in the regimen are firefighting skills, techniques, and procedures, emergency medical care and technical rescue.

Stoney Point Fire Department provides continuous service twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. These services include fire, emergency medical and rescue, and also include Fire Life Safety Education programs for our schools and organizations within our community. Stoney Point continuously strives toward excellence, sets the example and provides the trends for other fire departments to follow in Cumberland County and the surrounding areas. Although we have come a long way from 1964, one thing stills stands first and foremost as it did for our founding fathers: selfless service to our fellow citizens and personal sacrifice remain our members’ mantra.

Hurricane Matthew FEMA Assistance

If you have been affected by Hurricane Matthew and need assistance:
Please see Disaster Assistance | Access to Disaster Help and Resources or use the following phone numbers

  • 1-800-621-3362
  • Those that are hearing- or speech-impaired and use TTY may call: 1-800-462-7585
  • Those using 711 or Video Relay Services can call: 1-800-462-3362

Services will be available 0700-2200 (7AM-10PM) daily until further notice.
Note: They will ask for the name and SSN of all members of the household requesting assistance.

Please see this Fayetteville Observer article for more information or consult this news release from FEMA.

In addition, please consult local and regional news outlets for continued information regarding road closures, aid distribution points, and news releases. Where water remains high or obscures the road

Please use caution while driving near or along eroded roads or bridges. Even though the immediate flood threat has ended for the Fayetteville area, soil conditions are unpredictable.

Deputy Fire Chief Receives 2016 Fire Officer of the Year

During the February 6, 2016 North Carolina Association of Fire Chief’s annual Fire Chief and Fire Officer of the Year Banquet in Concord, North Carolina, Stoney Point Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Freddy L. Johnson, Jr., was named the 2016 Volunteer Fire Officer of the Year. dc_vfotyThis award, the most prestigious honor the North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs can bestow upon its fire officers, was conceived to recognize truly outstanding fire officers whose actions and leadership in their profession, home, community and country, serve as an example and challenge for all other fire officers throughout the State of North Carolina. Two awards are presented annually: one for Career Fire Officer and one for a Combination/Volunteer Fire Officer. Deputy Chief Johnson Jr. is the first recipient of the newly-implemented award, which will be presented annually by the NCAFC in addition to the traditional Fire Chief of the Year Award.



March 2016 Update

Welcome to spring! Brushfire season continues anew as the weather warms and old vegetation dries out. Remember to dispose of cigarette butts only in approved containers and avoid burning debris of any kind on warm, windy days. Visit the North Carolina Forest Service for assistance.


Pool safety:

As the weather warms and pools re-open, please take a moment and visit poolsafety.gov to review a variety of ways to stay safe while staying cool. North Carolina had 10 summer drownings last year; let’s make a goal of 0 this year!


By Jesus Solana (Primas / Cousins) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Weather changes:

Finally, as summer rushes ever closer, be sure to review your home emergency supplies and keep abreast of North Carolina’s ever-changing weather.

  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration posts all watches and warnings here.
  • Current projections are indicating a quieter hurricane season this year, but that’s no reason to become complacent. May 15 through May 21 is National Hurricane Preparedness Week; check your supplies and replace anything that’s expired. Ensure you have copies of vital records and pre-established emergency plans for communications, security of your personal belongings, and even evacuation.
  • Visit Ready.gov for even more ideas to make sure you’re ready in case of a disaster.




Chief Freddy L. Johnson Sr. Recognized at FRI

During Fire Rescue International (FRI-2013) in Chicago Illinois, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) along with Fire Chief Magazine and Pierce MFG selected Stoney Point VFD Fire Chief Freddy L. Johnson Sr. the national 2013 Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year. Fire Chief of the Year is presented annually by the IAFC and Pierce Manufacturing at the general session of Fire-Rescue International. The award honors one career and one volunteer fire chief for their leadership, innovation, professional development, integrity, service to the public and contributions as a whole to the fire service.

Pictured from L to R  – Janet Wilmoth, (Associate Publisher Fire Chief Magazine), Jim Johnson, (President Pierce MFG), Fire Chief Freddy Johnson Sr., son Freddy Johnson Jr.,  daughter Tara Whitman, son Sean Johnson and Fire Chief Hank Clemmenson (2013 President IAFC)

Pictured from L to R – Janet Wilmoth, (Associate Publisher Fire Chief Magazine), Jim Johnson, (President Pierce MFG), Fire Chief Freddy Johnson Sr., son Freddy Johnson Jr., daughter Tara Whitman, son Sean Johnson and Fire Chief Hank Clemmenson (2013 President IAFC)




Chief Freddy L. Johnson Sr. named Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year

img1At the 84th Annual Leadership Conference of the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs, Stoney Point Fire Chief Freddy L. Johnson, Sr. was named the 2012 Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year on June 15. Among Chief Johnson’s many accomplishments is the Accreditation of the Stoney Point Fire Department by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). The Stoney Point Fire Department holds the distinct honor of being one of two volunteer fire departments in the United States that are accredited.



Stoney Point Fire Department Internationally Accredited

The Stoney Point Volunteer Fire Department (SPFD) received Accredited Agency status with the Commission of Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) for meeting the criteria established through the CFAI’s self-assessment and accreditation program. The SPFD is the first volunteer department in North Carolina and only the second volunteer fire organization to achieve accredited agency status in the nation. This is a major accomplishment. Of more than 30,000 rated fire departments in the United States, there are only 150 holding Internationally Accredited status with the CFAI and the Center for Public Safety Excellence, Inc. CFAI is dedicated to assisting fire and emergency service agencies throughout the world in achieving excellence through self-assessment and accreditation to provide continuous quality improvement and enhancement of service delivery to their communities. The CFAI process provides an agency with an improvement model to assess their service delivery and performance internally, and then works with a peer assessment team from other agencies to evaluate their completed assessment.



Stoney Point District Fire Chief Shines

img2Not known for tooting his own horn, Chief Johnson had to be tricked to attend the ceremony where he was formally presented with the North Carolina Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year Award on February 4th. The 2012 Mid-Winter Fire Chief’s Conference took place in Concord, NC. Many members have seen Chief Johnson, Sr. give out plenty of awards to his crew over the years. For a change, the one to recognize so many is being recognized himself. This award is certainly a long overdue pat on the back for Stoney Point Fire Department’s longest-standing Chief.