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What Is Accreditation?

In 2007, the Stoney Point Fire Department Board of Directors approved a five-year strategic plan outlining the steps for obtaining accredited status from the Commission on Fire Accreditation (now Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE)).  This monumental goal was achieved and accreditation granted in early 2012.

Stoney Point is proud to be one of two volunteer fire departments in the United States holding CPSE accreditation. Stoney Point remains the only accredited volunteer fire department in North Carolina.

CPSEstrives to improve fire and emergency service agencies worldwide.  The organization assists fire departments in pursuing professional excellence through a strategic self-assessment model.  This process provides continuous quality assurance in delivering prompt and effective community fire service to the world at large.

The CPSE accreditation process provides a well-defined, internationally-recognized benchmark system measuring fire and emergency service delivery effectiveness.  Achieving CPSE accreditation solidified the following goals:

  • Improving our agency’s ability and the community’s citizen capability to effectively recognize potential fire hazards and other emergency protection needs;
  • Identifying our need for state-of-the-art resources and emergency service delivery systems;
  • Improving community quality of life.

Currently, there are sixteen North Carolina CPSE-accredited fire departments.  Most are medium-to-large career or DOD agencies fully-staffed with paid professionals.  This prestigious list includes the fire departments of Asheville, Camp Lejeune, Cary,  Charlotte, Jacksonville, Rocky Mount, Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Gastonia, Greensboro, MCAS Cherry Point, Monroe, Morrisville, Statesville, Wilmington and Wilson.  As a volunteer agency, Stoney Point is the first North Carolina volunteer fire department to achieve this notable accredited status.

The Stoney Point Fire Department constantly strives towards excellence and continuous improvement.  Our department has proved exemplary in terms of the Cumberland County fire service.  As we complete our second year of accreditation, we are already working toward re-accreditation in 2017.  This goal will be realized, and reflects the unsurpassed professionalism and outstanding capability of our organization.