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Do you wanna save a life?

Stoney Point offers monthly American Heart Association CPR classes at Station 19 (2190 Lake Upchurch Drive, Parkton, NC 28371) on the fourth Wednesday of each month beginning at 6 PM. Classes are taught by certified instructors and active firefighters.

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  • how to deliver rescue breathing,
  • identify patients in cardiac arrest,
  • provide chest compressions,
  • initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR),
  • treat adults, children, and newborns!

We currently offer two classes covering the same topics:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) training: this is the same course material and skills taught in the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers class with one key difference – completing this course does not result in AHA certification. Because we at Stoney Point believe that spreading life-saving knowledge is an important aspect of community outreach, this course is free of charge.
  • AHA Basic Life Support (BLS) for the Healthcare Provider: successful completion of this course will result in an official AHA CPR card. Fees and additional contact information will be collected at time of course completion. The class costs $40.
  • We accept cash or check to be paid at the time the class is conducted.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn critical, life-saving skills from those that practice them daily! Contact us with your name, agency or company, phone number, and e-mail address to reserve your spot. Class sizes are limited to 16 at this time. All attendees must arrive before 6 PM; no late arrivals accepted. All attendees must bring a current copy of the AHA BLS Provider manual for use during class. Stoney Point does not provide these manuals to class attendees and reserves the right to cancel any attendee’s registration immediately if appropriate materials are not brought to class.

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Please see the following page: https://www.stoneypointfirerescue.com/cpr