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Training Resources

Monthly Department Fire Training

Officers: If you are scheduled for a weekly drill and cannot be present, please make arrangements as far in advance as possible. Contact A/C Murphy for additional questions or assistance.


Week of 23 April
Protocol: Adult/Pediatric Multi Trauma.
Crew Drill: Conduct Benchmark drills in accordance with your crew’s needs. Review the location and operation of the power hydraulic rescue tools on Rescue 13.
Knot: Prussik
24 April – EMT CONED
25 April – Engineer Training – Murphy
26 April – Extrication – Kline/Swartz/Minnick

Week of 30 April
Protocol: Blast Injury.
Crew Drill: Review hydrant spotting and connections with your crews. Conduct practical exercise connecting to the hydrant for forward and reverse lays where the engine will relay-pump to the engine at the fire scene. Connections with no kinks are the standard.
Knot: Water knot


Week of 7 May
Protocol: Adult/Pediatric Thermal Burn
Crew Drill: Conduct the SCBA Endurance course with your crew. The course will be set up for your use starting 6 May.
Knot: Double Prussik
9 May – Engineer Training – Murphy

Week of 14 May
Protocol: Chemical and Electric Burn
Crew Drill: Aerial operations with 1351. Conduct crew drill spotting and setting up the aerial. Contact CPT Brown for drills he wants you to conduct.
Knot: Becket’s Bend

Week of 21 May
Protocol: Chest pain/STEMI
Crew Drill: Conduct the swim test for your personnel. Coordinate for using 1301’s pool.
Knot: Z-rig set up
22 May – EMT CONED
23 May – Engineer Training – Murphy

Week of 28 May
Protocol: Cardiac Arrest
Crew Drill: Rescue Boat operations. Boats will be brought to Station 13 for familiarization training. If you require refresher training, coordinate with David Stewart.
Knot: Butterfly knot


Week of 4 June
Protocol: OB Emergencies
Knot: Self-equalizing anchor
Crew Drill: Conduct drafting operations. Utilize one of the engines to draft from Gates Four Lake or CPT Belcher’s Lake. Coordinate with Gates Four Security/CPT Belcher for access.
6 June – Engineer Training – Murphy

Week of 11 June
Protocol: Newly born
Crew Drill: Stokes Basket Operations Using 1351. Review the Stokes basket lashing and aerial ladder rigging. Conduct picks and lowers utilizing the aerial ladder and the training tower.
Knot: Clove hitch

Week of 18 June
Protocol: CO/Cyanide
Crew Drill: HAZMAT. Review the ERG and placards. Discuss any potential HAZMAT incidents we may experience within the district and practice your response.
Knot: Figure eight
19 June – EMT CONED
20 June – Engineer Training – Murphy

Week of 25 June
Protocol: Hypothermia
Crew Drill: Narcan administration. Coordinate with LT Minnick for practice materials and instruction. Utilize one of your paramedic crew members as instructors.
Knot: Figure Eight on a Bight
28 June – HAZMAT – Multi-Unit Drill with HAZMAT 1/Eng 17. Setting Up the DECON Line – Clary/Bunce

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EMS Training

2018 EMS Continuing Education Calendar

Dates for 2018 EMS continuing education are posted below. Members, please ensure your IAR information is current to ensure you receive the scheduled reminders. Please note that class starts at 1830 and plan to arrive in a timely manner. EMS continuing education classes will be held at Station 19, located at 2190 Lake Upchurch Road, Parkton, NC 28371.

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Hazardous Material Training

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Technical Rescuer Training

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NIMS Classes

WHEN: At your convenience
WHERE: Online – FEMA’s Independent Study initiative
WHAT: All federal, state, local, tribal, private sector and non-governmental personnel with a direct role in emergency management and response must be NIMS- and ICS-trained. This includes all emergency services-related disciplines such as EMS, hospitals, public health, fire service, law enforcement, public works/utilities, skilled support personnel, and other emergency management response, support and volunteer personnel.

Entry Level: IS-700.a and IS-100.a
First Line: Single Resource, Field Supervisors: IS-700.a, IS-100.a and IS-200.a
Middle Management: Strike Team Leaders, Division Supervisors: IS-700.a, IS-100.a, IS-200.a and IS-300
Command and General Staff, Area Emergency and EOC Managers: IS-700.a, IS-100.a, IS-200.a, IS-300 and IS-400



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