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Training Resources

Monthly Department Fire Training

Officers: If you are scheduled for a weekly drill and cannot be present, please make arrangements as far in advance as possible. Contact A/C Murphy for additional questions or assistance.

July 2017

Week of 9 July
Protocol 55, Square Knot, Review SOG 7A.020
13 July Benchmark 3 & 4 Make Up (Robarge/Clary

Week of 16 July
Protocol 56, Water Knot, Review SOG 7A.002.
20 July Benchmark 5 & 6 Make Up (Brown)

Week of 23 July
Protocol 57, Butterfly, Review SOG 7A.024
27 July Company Drill (Bunce/Robarge)

Week of 30 July
Protocol 58, Bowline Around Something, Review SOG 7A.024
3 August – HAZMAT – Setting Up and Operating the Decon Line (S. Johnson/Robarge)

August 2017

Week of 6 August
Protocol 61, Butterfly, Review SOG 7A.025
10 August – Crew Drill (Buie/Clary)

Week of 13 August
Protocol 63, Timber Hitch, SOG 7A.027
17 August – Rescue Drill (Belcher/Carragher)

Week of 20 August
Protocol 69, Clove Hitch in the Middle of the Rope, Review SOG 7A.029
24 August – Multi-unit Drill – Benchmark 7 with Stations 4, 5, 21, Hoke 2, Hoke 3, and Engine 8 (Murphy/Belcher)

Week of 27 August
Protocol 70, No knot, preplan or SOG.
31 August – Safety (Hanzal)

September 2017

Week of 3 September
Protocols 40 & 41, Z-Rig, Review SOG 9A.001
7 September – RIT (Robarge/Clary)

Week of 10 September
Protocol 72, Mechanical Advantage, Review SOG 8A.003
14 September – Rescue Drill – Air Bags (Pomales/Brown)

Week of 17 September
Protocol 73, Clove Hitch, Review SOG 5A.001
21 September – Helicopter Landing Zones (Belcher/Murphy)

Week of 24 September
Protocol 75, Handcuff Knot, Review SOG 5A.013 and SOG 5A.0011
28 September – Large Area Search (Building) (Clary/Gorman)

October 2017

Week of 1 October
Protocol 76, Bowline on the Bite, Review SOG 5A.008
5 October- HAZMAT (ERG Review) (S.Johnson/Robarge)

Week of 8 October
Protocol 77, 4:1 Mechanical Advantage, Review SOG 5A.004
12 October – Close Calls (Hanzal)

Week of 15 October
Protocol 78, Swiss Seat, Review SOG 5A.OO3
19 October – Trail Support (Hanzal)

Week of 22 October
Protocol 79, Tripod Lashing and Rigging, Review SOG SA.017
26 October – Trail Support (Hanzal)

Week of 29 October
Protocol 80, Overhand Knot, Review SOG 5E.001
2 November – SCBA Endurance Course (Clary)

November 2017

Week of 5 November
Protocol 81, Prussik, Review SOG 5E.003
9 November – SCBA Endurance Course (Clary)

Week of 12 November
Protocol- Procedure 2, Figure B Follow Through, Review SOG 5F.OO5
16 November- SCBA Endurance Course (Clary)

Week of 19 November
Protocol- Procedure 7, Figure 8 Follow Through, Review SOG 5F.OO5
23 November – No Drill – Thanksgiving

Week of 26 November
Protocol- Procedure 14, Figure 8 on a bight, Review SOG 5G.003
30 November – Search and Rescue (structure) (Robarge/Brown)

December 2017

Week of 3 December
Protocol – Procedure 20, Bowline, Review SOG 5G.006
7 December – SCBA Emergencies (Murphy/Kline/Buie)

Week of 10 December
Protocol – Procedure 21, Square Knot, Review SOG 5G.006
14 December – Rescue Drill (Hydraulic Tools) (Gorman/Pomales)

Week of 17 December
Protocol- Procedure 26, Sheet Bend, Review SOG 5G.004
21 December – Forcible Entry (Kline/Gorman)

Week of 24 December
Protocol – Procedure 29, Prussik, Review SOG 5I.003.
28 December – HAZMAT (Placard Identification) (S.Johnson/Robarge)

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EMS Training

2017 EMS Continuing Education Calendar

Dates for 2017 EMS continuing education are posted below. Members, please ensure your IAR information is up-to-date to ensure you receive the scheduled reminders. Please note that class starts at 1830 and arrive in a timely manner. EMS continuing education classes will be held at Station 19, located at 2190 Lake Upchurch Road, Parkton, NC 28371.

August: Tuesday, 15 Aug
September: Tuesday 12 September
October: Tuesday, 24 October
November: Tuesday, 21 November
December: Winter Holiday

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Hazardous Material Training

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Technical Rescuer Training

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NIMS Classes

WHEN: At your convenience
WHERE: Online – FEMA’s Independent Study initiative
WHAT: All federal, state, local, tribal, private sector and non-governmental personnel with a direct role in emergency management and response must be NIMS- and ICS-trained. This includes all emergency services-related disciplines such as EMS, hospitals, public health, fire service, law enforcement, public works/utilities, skilled support personnel, and other emergency management response, support and volunteer personnel.

Entry Level: IS-700.a and IS-100.a
First Line: Single Resource, Field Supervisors: IS-700.a, IS-100.a and IS-200.a
Middle Management: Strike Team Leaders, Division Supervisors: IS-700.a, IS-100.a, IS-200.a and IS-300
Command and General Staff, Area Emergency and EOC Managers: IS-700.a, IS-100.a, IS-200.a, IS-300 and IS-400



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